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Health Coaching is all about showing you the skills and changing your confidence level to live the life you want.

OPTAVIA™ is a proven tool that helps seamlessly integrate these four elements:

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Helping your mind and body work together, to work for you.


Our program is scientifically proven and has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors.

Programs & Fuelings

Follow one of our specifically tailored and proven plans with delicious nutrient dense fuelings designed to help you achieve a healthy weight.

Coach & Community

No one should wait until they are unhappy or ill to wake up and make a change. I help you achieve your personal wellness goals. Together, we’ll create your customized plan based on individual needs and desires, discover and work through any obstacles, build your confidence, improve your self-management and stay motivated. 

You may be so excited with your own success that you want to join me as a health coach for others.

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Success Stories


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Sharon's Story:


In February 2013 I was sitting in my comfortable chair in my winter home in Sarasota, FL.  I had been telling myself that I needed to lose weight, and was weighing myself at the Clubhouse work-out room (my only activity in that room) but not seeing any change in weight.  My doctor had told me that I needed to lose weight as I was a candidate for diabetes. I have had both knees replaced. Weight definitely is my enemy.


Something moved me to talk about it with my daughter.  She is one of those ladies who are up at 4:30 a.m. and to the gym or doing a boot camp before work. She had participated in the Tough Mudder race held in Sarasota and ran in several races. (Perhaps she is my idol). Through her work connections, she had seen a lady lose weight and then become a coach. Knowing that I could not do it alone, and after convincing her that I was serious, she got me the information to contact health coach, Ranie Phillips.


I started Take Shape for Life in March 2013. The first four days were rough with drinking more water than I ever had, and less caloric intake.  My coach had prepared me for this.  I had talked over the program with my friend Frank, and he was willing to be supportive. We ate more meals at home than previously, but found it was fairly easy to dine out, because I knew what to order. I stayed on the program because I knew I was being successful.  I kept seeing the weight fall off me, but didn’t have the pallor that I had on other weight loss programs. Friends who hadn’t seen me for six months didn’t recognize me when I got back to my winter home. I loved the looks on their faces!


This program has been fantastic for me. The on-going support through telephone calls, logs, workbooks, e-mails, and books is priceless.  I am indeed into the program to stay fit for life.


Prior to losing weight I was active, riding bicycle about eight miles an outing, golfing, and a weekly stretching exercise program. Now I have so much more energy. My bike rides are about 20 miles two or three times a week.  I walk the golf course twice a week, do stretching exercises twice a week and have added strengthening work-outs three days a week. 


It is now fun to go shopping!


I have lost over 55 lbs. My pant size has changed from a tight size 16W to a comfortable size 12. I enjoy wearing a nice sundress, or cocktail dress.






“The rapid weight loss and results I experienced week after week made it easier to stick to the plan. I was constantly lowing inches and pounds!”


I struggled with weight issues my entire life. I can remember needing ‘husky’ jeans as a kid and feeling bad that I didn’t fit in ‘regular’ clothes. As an adult, being overweight limited my personal, social, and work life. I couldn’t enjoy the outdoor sports and activities I loved. In addition, I wanted to get healthy so I could be active with my young kids.


I was introduced to Take Shape For Life and Medifast by a longtime friend of mine, Todd Schemper. I’d always admired Todd’s fitness level and integrity. When he recommended the program, I trusted him. Plus, as an accountant, I really appreciated the structure of the plan.


I noticed results the first week – that was so encouraging! My clothes fit better almost immediately, and after a month I needed to start shopping for new clothes in smaller sizes. Eventually, I even needed narrower running shoes!



Thank you to all my wonderful clients. I am grateful to have the experience of working with you on your journey to a healthier life.


To anyone considering taking the path this health program offers you, I'd love to hear from you. Talk to me if you're concerned about Weight Loss, Cholesterol, Coronary health, Sleep Apnea, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, or any other health or lifestyle issue you're experiencing.




Ranie Phillips

BEMER Partner  |  Certified Health Coach - Optavia  |  DoTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate